The Benefits for Cats and Dogs Omega-3 Fish Oil

The Benefits for Cats and Dogs Omega-3 Fish Oil

Every one of us has heard about Omega-3 at least once, but never thought about the benefits or detriments. Is it so indispensable? From improving overall health to addressing skin and coat issues, omega 3 is known for its benefits for all of us. Is this true and what are the positive aspects of Omega 3 and fish oil? Let's take a closer look. Canine omega benefits promote brain development, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and much more.

Benefits of omega 3 for dogs and cats

Fish oil, with guaranteed Omega 3 (fatty acid supplement for dog) is one of the most popular products pet owners buy for their pets. When omega -3 fatty acid supplements for cats are prescribed, they may be given separately from the feed (as a liquid or fish oil capsules) or incorporated into the feed.

Omega 3 fatty acid for cats significantly improves skin and coat condition, reduces inflammation in joint and heart diseases, helps with autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal and kidney diseases, improves immune response and normalizes many other indicators of animal health.

Benefits of Omega-3:

  • reduces itching in allergies
  • improves skin and coat condition
  • prevents immune system disorders
  • protects against skin and ear infections
  • relieves gastrointestinal and kidney diseases
  • prevent cardiovascular problems
  • it acts as a natural antioxidant

Can it ever be detrimental?

An overabundance of Omega 3's in the animal's system is detrimental. Each supplement has its own side effects, so the dosage of fish oil for cats should be adhered to.

Among them are distinguished:

- diarrhea

- decreased blood clotting

- allergic reactions (here it is necessary to observe human fish oil for dogs dosage)

- individual intolerance.

Is there a difference between the Omega-3 of humans, dogs and cats?

Preparations intended for human use are not recommended for animals. Most often, you can buy the necessary dog arthritis fish oil in a specialized store, for example from us. In our online store you will find a wide selection of necessary products for your pets. Also, our consultants will answer the most popular questions, such as what does omega 3 do for dogs, what is fish oil good for in dogs or does fish oil help dogs with dry skin? There is no difference specifically for cats and dogs.

Fish oil for dogs can go either in liquid form or in tablets. Most often it is the liquid that is added to the food. Please note, if your pet already has fish oil or Omega 3 in their food, we strongly advise against introducing it into their diet to avoid overdosing.

If you don't know where to buy omega-3 for your dog or cat, we invite you to our online store! You will be pleasantly surprised by the selection. We have fish oil and omega 3 in different forms, we will advise you on the dosage of each preparation, recommend the best, tell you about the advantages of each of them and help you make the right choice.

Our competent consultants will find the most suitable option for you and your pet. We wish you happy shopping!