Dental Disease in Dogs
Dental Disease in Dogs

Dental Disease in Dogs

The condition of your dog's gums has a serious impact on its overall health. Red swellings in the mouth can be a sign of overgrown gums in dogs. Many owners believe that oral diseases are not dangerous for four-legged dogs. However, veterinarians say that such ailments can be detrimental to a dog's health. Inflammatory conditions in the pet's oral cavity are not uncommon signs. Diseases can be individual or accompanied by dental deterioration as well. There are many pathogens living in the oral cavity that cause problems with dogs teeth.

Tooth Decay

Dental decay is not the least of all canine diseases. It is the destruction of the hard tissue of the teeth, which first leads to cavities in the crown and then to more serious consequences - damage to the pulp, dog bad breath tooth decay and root of the tooth. If this disease progresses further and spreads to neighboring teeth, periodontal disease begins. Eventually, the process can go far and the dog will lose some of its teeth. How to cure gum disease in dogs?

With careful and competent care of your four-legged friend, it is possible to keep his teeth healthy and avoid treatment. For this purpose, it is enough to follow a few of dog tooth decay prevention:

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet (choose best dog food for dog with bad teeth)
  • Regularly visit the vet for oral examinations.
  • Buy hard chew toys for your pet. They also clean plaque from the teeth.

Dental Toys

Dog tooth brushing toys are not only fun accessories, but also tools for maintaining your pet's oral health. They help to remove plaque and massage the gums, helping to prevent problems with dogs teeth and keep them healthy. Our online shop has an incredible selection of toys for your pet. A wide range of all the products you need is waiting for you at

By choosing the right toy to keep your dog's teeth clean, you'll not only provide fun and entertainment for your dog, but you'll also help maintain their oral hygiene. Remember, healthy teeth are a key aspect of your dog's overall health, so investing time and attention in your pet's dental care is well worth it.

Gum Disease

Bleeding gums in dogs symptoms can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Bacteria build-up in the mouth due to lack of brushing the dog's teeth with a toothbrush
  • Minerals in saliva harden on the teeth, gradually turning into tartar.
  • Tartar gradually begins to move under the gums and the edges of the gums begin to pull away from the teeth.

If you think your dog has a dental problem, don't wait for a scheduled appointment or procrastinate - visit your vet right away. It is the doctor who will recommend dog gum disease natural treatment.Β  Most treatment methods involve taking antibiotics, which can be detrimental to the kidneys or cause other problems. Basically, treatment consists of thoroughly cleaning the teeth and gums of tartar under general anesthesia.

Just imagine the impact on the heart...X-rays pictures will also be taken to check the condition of your pet's teeth. If teeth are found that need to be extracted due to damage, abscess or gum disease, this will be done during anesthesia too.

To avoid this and to cure dog gum disease naturally - we recommend monitoring your pet's oral cavity on a regular basis. Pay attention to food, water and grooming. Be sure to buy special toys, because they will save you from constant brushing!