Cat fleas and ticks
Cat fleas and ticks - how to get rid of parasites?

Cat fleas and ticks - how to get rid of parasites?

Every pet owner has faced the problem of fleas or ticks at least once, because they are insects that parasitize on the skin of animals. They are easy to catch in the street, they quickly reproduce and can lead to serious complications. It is important to get rid of these parasites in time to prevent any problems with the health of your pet. That's why there are many treatments that can help with this problem.

A threat to your cat's health

Many people believe that if your pet doesn't go outside, it's not susceptible to fleas and ticks. But this is absolutely not true! Even the owner can bring these parasites on clothing or shoes, so no one is immune to infection.

Fleas and ticks can cause your cat a serious disease - toxoplasma, plague and even simple helminths. In consequence, this can lead to a deterioration of the immune system and the general condition of your pet.That is why there are different flea and tick prevention for cats.

Tick and flea medicine includes not only medication, but also a classic wash with a special shampoo. In order to reduce the likelihood of your cat becoming infected, preventives should be taken at all times.

Treatment – what to do?

Many owners do not adhere to the standard rules that veterinarians recommend. And for good reason! It can prolong the life of your pet.

Specialists prescribe the following measures to keep your pet safe:

  • Drops on the withers - recommended for adult healthy animals. Such treat against ticks for cats is very easy to use and shows good results in the control and prevention of ectoparasites. 
  • Protection in the form of sprays is the most powerful remedy used in case of infestation. It should be used with caution, strictly following the instructions for use. 
  • Flea shampoos are a great option for kittens. Anti-flea shampoo is a special product for kittens that has mild action but mediocre efficacy. 
  • Anti-flea collars are the preventative product with the longest lasting effect. In case of infestation, you should additionally use a spray or drops.
  • Special pills - today the market offers an excellent choice of preparations that can "scare off" ticks. Since there will be a concentration of a special substance in your pet's blood, the tick will receive a shock dose and will not be able to suck on your pet's skin.

Which method to choose is up to you. For prevention, of course, shampoos and collars are used, and in the case of infection - sprays and pills. Please ask your doctor before you start treatment, as he will be able to choose the right set of drugs based on the condition of your pet.

Tick and flea treatment for cats - where to buy?

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The health of your pet is in your hands, because we are responsible for those we have tamed. It is pleasant to cuddle or touch a clean, beautiful cat, and the positive emotions that a pet like this brings are necessary for people who live in constant stress. A house cat relieves stress and, therefore, prolongs the life of its owner. Already in gratitude for this, you can take care of its protection against fleas and ticks.

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