Get Rid of Fleas in Cats
How to Get Rid of Fleas in Cats

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Cats

Most cat owners have at least once wondered - how to get rid of fleas in cats? Even if your pet is constantly in the apartment and does not go outdoors, you can not be sure that it is absolutely protected from fleas. It is about small, but quite tenacious parasites, which can wait for several months for their moment to "attack" the pet. Fleas in a cat are a very common thing, so you need to know how to identify their presence and how to remove fleas from cats.

What are the symptoms of fleas on cats?

At the first stages, only an observant owner can realize that the cat has fleas. At first, the pet's behavior is almost unchanged, with time the pet starts to scratch itself more actively. Then, the cat's behavior becomes quite strange. There are such things as:

  • frequent meowing
  • nibbling on different parts of the body
  • poor appetite
  • sleeping problems
  • weight loss
  • irritability
  • hair loss
  • etc.

You can examine your pet for fleas on your own, but we recommend seeing a veterinarian. And the moment you realize that your cat already has fleas, a lot of questions pop into your head - how to wash a cat with fleas,what accessories to buy, how to apply it, and more.

Causes of fleas.Prevention.

There are various reasons for this, among the main ones are:

  • walking in the street
  • contact with people or an infected animal
  • maternal transmission
  • contact with rodents

Parasites can be found even in asphalt cracks, so the exact cause of appearance is almost impossible to establish. Because of this, many owners prefer not to wait for the appearance of fleas, and do their own prevention. For example, cat grooming flea treatment. This procedure includes washing your cat with a special shampoo. It is capable of killing cat fleas at the earliest stage.

What is the best flea treatment for cats?

Among the best remedies for flea extermination stand out:

  1. drops on the withers
  2. coat spray
  3. special shampoos
  4. collars

Collars can be worn on a permanent basis, they guarantee "repelling" during the entire period of wear.Β  Specialized salons also offer cat grooming for fleas, in case you do not want to comb your pet yourself. The best way to get rid of cats fleas is to wash it with a special shampoo and treat it with drops. Then the result is definitely guaranteed.

A very popular question is how to comb fleas out of a cat. Yes, it is recommended to pay a lot of attention to this question, because your cat's skin is quite sensitive at this moment. In our online shop you can buy both shampoo and specialised accessories that will help to get rid of a cat with fleas. Washing a cat with fleas is quite easy if you choose professional cosmetics.

Extra steps

In addition to treating the animal, you can also disinfect the room where the animal resides. Pay attention to its bed or sleeping area. If there is a dog living in the house, make sure to screen it for fleas. You can vacuum the furniture thoroughly, wash the whole home with special chemicals (safe for animals). It is necessary to treat not only the floor, but also upholstered furniture, curtains, skirting boards. Cat bath with fleas will not completely solve the problem, a holistic approach is needed.